Service Entries Import Guide

TIP: Please view our training video to learn more about Imports

New to importing data into Fleetio? Be sure to read the overview article first or watch our video on how to prepare your import data file.

This guide provides an overview of the of the file requirements and supported values for importing service entries in Fleetio.

IMPORTANT: All import files must be in the .csv format and meet .csv file standards. Go to to validate the .csv file if necessary.

If you have issues with Importing your data using a .csv file created by Excel, please try using Google Sheets or Apple's Numbers.  Excel can sometimes cause data issues when saving .csv files.

Service Entry Import File: Columns & Values

Fleetio recommends using the Service Entry Import template found under Settings > Imports when importing fuel data.If using a custom template from another system, modifications to the file may be needed to ensure the data is in the proper format and can be matched up to data in Fleetio.

TIP: Columns not marked as Required may be left as blank cells in the import file and skipped during the mapping process.  

Column Required? Notes
vehicle_name Yes Nickname or number to distinguish vehicle in Fleetio. Must match Vehicle Name in Fleetio exactly. SEE:   Vehicle Naming Conventions      
completed_at Yes

Date that should be displayed for the meter_value and the completed_at date of the Service Entry. Must be in the Short Date Format specified for the account under Settings > Account Settings. Date format must be consistent throughout file. 

  • Example: 07/15/2014
  • Example: 15/07/2014
amount No The monetary amount of the service entry. If you also have parts, labor, tax1, or tax2 in your import, those values will override the amount. Do not include currency symbols. 
parts No The amount of the parts. Do not include currency symbols. 
labor No The amount of the labor. Do not include currency symbols. 
discount No The discount of the service entry, as a  fixed amount. Do not include currency/percentage symbols.
tax1 No The tax of the service entry, as a fixed amount. Do not include currency/percentage symbols.
tax2 No The secondary tax of the service entry, as a fixed amount. Do not include currency/percentage symbols.
currency No This field will default to the currency specified under Account Settings. If a different code is required see our  Currency Codes article for a complete list of codes.
vendor No    
Must match an existing Vendor exactly. If an exact match is not found during the import, a new Vendor will be created.
reference No Text field to store extra information about the Service Entry.
meter_value No**       
Most updated meter reading for a vehicle (no commas)    
  • Example: 147550

**meter_value is required if "Require a meter reading" is "ON" in your  Account Settings

service_task No  

Must match an existing  Service Task exactly. If an exact match is not found during the import, a new Service Task will be created. You can create multiple service tasks with the column headings: service_task_1 service_task_2, service_task_3

*Custom Fields No Additional columns for  Custom Fields with the "Service Type" record type will be available fields for the import. 

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