Assigning Issues

The "Assigned To" field for Issues allows your organization to specify individuals who have a responsibility in the workflow for closing or resolving an open Issue. These individuals will receive automated email notifications for Issues they are assigned if they are setup accordingly in the system. 

Assigning an Issue

Issues can be assigned when they are first created, or they can be assigned by choosing to edit the Issue after it has been created.
(Visit our  Issues Overview for more on creating and managing Issues.) 

To assign an Issue perform the following steps when adding/editing the Issue:

1. Click in the Assigned To field
2. Locate the individual by selecting their name from the list or by typing their name
3. Click either Save Issue or Save/Update and add Another

Issues may be assigned to any individual(s) who are setup with a record in the "Contacts" area of your Fleetio system. 

TROUBLESHOOT: If you are not able to locate the necessary individual when selecting from the list in the "Assigned To" field, go to "Contacts" from the main menu and click "New Contact". See our Contact Overview for additional information on adding Contact records.

Notification Emails for Assigned Issues

Individuals who are assigned to an Issue will receive automated notification emails if they meet the following criteria:

1. They have been setup with a "Contact record" under the Contacts module
2. The "Contact record" has been linked to a User in the Fleetio system. For instructions on this process see our  Linking Contacts and Users article.

Email notifications will be sent for the following occurrences:

  • When the individual is assigned an Issue
  • When a comment is made on the Issue
  • Daily summary emails of all Issues considered "overdue"

TIP: See our Issues Notification Emails article for a comprehensive view at who all receives notification emails and a preview of each email. 

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