Using Labels

Fleetio introduced the concept of “Labels” to help users prioritize and categorize the work to be done on a vehicle. The most common use for Labels is to identify the area of the vehicle receiving the service and/or the priority of the service itself.
Currently, Labels can be added to  Issues and  Work Orders in Fleetio. 

TIP: Create an internal process for the use of Labels. It is important that all users understand how this field should be used to ensure there is consistency throughout the system. See Managing Labels

For example, we have used "Paint" as a category for the Issue and "Priority: Low" as the priority for an Issue:

NOTE: Labels can be attached to an Issue or Work Order when they are first being created or they can be added later by using the Edit option. 

Viewing & Reporting on Labels

Once a Label has been added to an Issue or Work Order, the Label becomes a powerful search tool. Using Labels as a search filter will allow users to pinpoint repairs or services that are affecting a particular area of a vehicle, or that are of a set priority. These Labels are customized by your association, therefore the sky is the limit with how they can best be utilized.

Using Labels as a search tool can be done from the following locations:

1. From the Work Orders or Issues list a user may filter the data using the Filter Labels field. More than one Label can be selected therefore utilize this option to get as specific as needed.

2. From the Reports area, select the  Issues List or Work Orders List report. Be sure to click the "Advanced" button so that the Labels filter is displayed. Don't forget that more than one Label can be selected for searching purposes!

TIP: The export option for these reports contain a column for Labels, therefore utilize the tools within your file viewer for additional sorting and grouping functionality. 

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