Search & Filter Options

Global Vehicles & Contacts Search

Use the Global Search feature at the top of all screens in Fleetio to quickly locate a vehicle or contact record.

TIP: Use the / (forward slash) keyboard shortcut to focus the global search input.

By default, the global search will display the 5 most recently searched vehicles by the user.

To search, just start typing data that pertains to a vehicle's name, VIN, or license plate number. The search results are weighted based on the specific characters submitted by the user to ensure the most relevant vehicles appear at the top.

Filtering Records on List Screens and Reports

List screens, such as the Vehicle List, and reports include the ability to filter records in various ways.

Primary Filters

The most commonly used filter options are always visible on the list screen or report. 

  • Be sure to click Search after updating any of the primary filters to see the updated results. 
  • You can clear all filters using the Clear all option anytime.

More Filters

Most list screens and reports include many more filters than what appears in the primary filters section. Click the More button to see all available filter options.

  • Be sure to click Search after updating any of the primary filters to see the updated results. 
  • The number next to the word "Filters" indicates the total number of filters currently in use.
  • You can use both Primary and More filters together at the same time.
TIP: Use the f (lowercase "f") keyboard shortcut to focus the more filters section.

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