Issues Notification Emails

TIP: Please see our training video on Notifications for more information.

Fleetio will generate various email notifications to ensure the necessary parties are aware of outsanding Issues. 

The following notification emails will be sent to  Users who are linked to a Contact record and who are assigned to an Issue, as well as to Users who are "watching" the vehicle that the Issue has been created for.

NOTE: Issues may be assigned to any individual listed under the Contacts area in Fleetio, however notification emails are not sent to these individuals unless they are also linked to an existing User.

IMPORTANT: The User who creates an Issue will not be sent an email notification if they create, comment or assign an Issue to themselves since they are the originator of the update. This also applies to other User's who may edit or comment on an Issue.

As a general rule in Fleetio, User's will not be sent a notification email if they are the one who triggered the action.

1.  Watchers of vehicles receive an email when an Issue is created. 

2. Linked Users receive an email when they are assigned to an Issue. Note that multiple Contacts can be assigned to an Issue.

3.  Watchers and  linked Users who are assigned to an Issue will receive an email when a Comment is added to an Open Issue.

4. A daily digest email for overdue Issues will be sent to the applicable "Watchers" and linked Users who are assigned to Issue(s).

NOTE: Daily digest emails for overdue Issues will be sent out each day at 7:15 a.m. in each user's timezone.

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