Email Notifications - Issues

TIP: Learn more in the Notifications training video.

Fleetio generates Email Notifications to ensure the necessary Users are aware of outstanding Issues. Recall that Issues are one-time maintenance services or repairs, unlike Service Tasks which typically recur at a regular meter or date interval.

Issues may be Assigned to any Contact, or to multiple Contacts, but Notifications will only be sent to those Contacts who are enabled as Users with a valid email address entered.

In addition, any Users who are "watching" the Vehicle may be set to automatically receive Notifications for new Issues (enabled by default).

Users and Watchers will also receive an email when a Comment is added to an Open Issue.

IMPORTANT: A User will not be sent a notification if they create, comment or assign an Issue to themselves, since they are the originator of the action.

In addition, a daily digest email for Overdue Issues will be sent to the applicable Users and Watchers.

NOTE: Daily digest emails for Overdue Issues will be sent out each day at 7:15 am CST

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