Auto Voiding Fuel Entries

Fleetio has developed a clever algorithm for detecting anomalies in fuel entries that come in through our fuel card integration or that are imported by one of your users. Using this calculation we are able to use a vehicle’s fuel history to identify inconsistencies and automatically void those entries for our customers. 

NOTE:  Examples of fuel entries that are automatically voided are when the meter entry is too high or if the meter is outside of the ordinary range. 

Automatically voided fuel entries will be displayed just like manually voided entries (in yellow with an exclamation point noting the void). Entries may be un-voided by editing the entry and unchecking the "Mark as void" checkbox.

NOTE: Fleetio will only automatically void fuel entries that are imported through the fuel card integration (FleetCor & WEX) or through a fuel entry import file. Fuel Entries manually entered individually by a user will not be automatically voided. See Voiding a Meter Entry for information on manually voiding a meter entry.

Notifications for Auto Voided Entries

Every day a summary email will go out to  watchers of vehicles that had fuel entries automatically voided that day. This email is only sent for fuel entries that come through via the fuel card integration and not those that are imported by a user since a third party provided the file.

Users will only receive emails for vehicles that they are watching. The email will show each fuel entry that was voided along with some additional information.

Tip:  Use the Edit link in the email to be directed to the fuel entry in "edit" mode so that the entry can be un-voided if necessary. Use the List link to view all fuel entries for the vehicle.

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