Email Notifications - Service & Renewal Reminders

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Service and Renewal Reminders include the option to Subscribe specific Users to automated Email Notifications. These Notifications relay important information about Due Soon or Overdue Service Tasks and Renewals.

Emails are sent every 7 days at 7:00 am CST.

Renewal Reminders and Service Reminders can be created from the Reminders Module accessed via the left sidebar menu, or from the Vehicle Profile or Contact Profile pages. You can also Add Multiple or Import Reminders.

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Enable or Disable Email Notifications

Add or Edit a Reminder to view the Email Notifications section, where you may toggle ON or OFF the Email Notifications switch to enable or disable notifications accordingly.

Add or Remove Subscribed Users

With Email Notifications enabled, you may select the Subscribed Users who will be added to the recipient list. By default, the User who creates the Reminder is included. 

Remove a User by clicking the X next to the name if necessary. 

Depending on your Watched Vehicles Settings, any User who is "watching" the Vehicle may also be automatically added to the Subscribed User list.

NOTE: If a Subscribed User is not receiving emails, check their spam folder. If the problem still exists, check with your organization's IT department to ensure Users are able to receive emails from all Fleetio Domains.

Bulk Manage Subscribed Users

Service Reminders and Vehicle Renewal Reminders offer a bulk manage option whereby you may Add or Remove Subscribed Users from multiple Reminders at once. 

Navigate to the Reminder List in question, click the checkboxes for the Reminders in question, then click the Manage Subscribers drop-down menu and select Add or Remove.

TIP: Learn More in the Add or Remove Users - Multiple Reminders article

Send Notifications On Demand

As configured in the Reminder setup, Email Notifications will be automatically sent when Due Soon and/or Overdue. You may also launch notifications on demand by navigating to the Reminder List in question and clicking the More Actions menu, then Send Notifications.

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