Partial Fuel Entries

In order to properly calculate fuel consumption, Fleetio assumes that every fuel entry entered in the system is taking the vehicle back to its FULL fuel capacity. This means always filling up the tank regardless of how much was actually in the tank when the fuel-up began.

Example: You drive 100 miles and only put 2 gallons of fuel in vehicle to get to your final destination. Shortly after, you go to refuel and put 12 gallons of fuel in vehicle to fill up. The system would have to assume that you drove 100 miles on 2 gallons of gas, then take the next difference in mileage on the 12 gallons to calculate MPG again. These calculations would be inaccurate.

We understand that taking a vehicle’s fuel level to FULL may not always occur therefore a “Partial" fuel-up flag is available when adding a fuel entry. 

When adding a partial fuel entry, be sure to set the "Partial" flag to the ON position. (Visit our Fuel Entry Overview for more information on fuel entries.)

NOTICE: Fuel entries that are flagged as "Partial" will not be used when calculating the MPG or Cost/Mile for a vehicle. Fuel amounts and gallons/liters will be used for these entries when calculating Total Fuel Cost, Cost per gallon/liter and Total Gallons/Liters consumed. Complete calculations for MPG and Cost/Mile will begin on the vehicle's next "Full" fuel entry.

Partial fuel entries will be flagged with an icon and no calculations will appear in the MPG and Cost/Mile columns.

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