Import File Errors

TIP: Please view our training video to learn more about Imports

Situations may arise where files are not able to be successfully imported into Fleetio. If a file completes the processing stage but generates a "Failed" message like the one below, users can click the number in the Errors column to see the specific row and error that needs to be addressed.

NOTICE: If any errors are found the entire import will fail. No changes will be applied to your account. You'll have to fix any errors found in the file and begin a new import. Changes are only applied if an import is completely error free.

If you have issues with Importing your data using a .csv file created by Excel, please try using Google Sheets or Apple's Numbers.  Excel can sometimes cause data issues when saving .csv files.

Common reasons for failed imports are as follows:

- Duplicate entries are in the report (i.e. the same vehicle appears twice in the report)

- A unique identifier is not listed in the file mapping (i.e. a common field that tells Fleetio where to save the fuel/service/meter entry to)

- Meter readings or fuel entries cannot be validated based on the mileage and/or date specified in the file (i.e. meter reading in file is less than meter reading currently in the system)

- Data in the file is not formatted correctly (see below)

All file imports must be in the .csv format. Oftentimes there are underlying issues in the file itself that will not allow it to be validated during the processing step in Fleetio. 

if you receive an error like the one above, there are issues with the file that must be corrected before it can be imported successfully. To identify where the issues are in the file, we recommend going to and uploading the file. This site will validate the file and produce a report telling you specifically what areas of the file contain errors.

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