Domain Names Used by Fleetio

There may be a situation where your Fleetio screen appears to be a little off, or buttons are missing. 

Example: The "Pick File" and "Or drop files here" options do not appear when trying to upload documents to a vehicle:

1. Navigate to a vehicle's "Documents" page and click the Add Document button

2. Look for the "Pick File" button. If it's not visible, follow the instructions below.

This situation arises when domains used by the Fleetio system are not supported by your company's network. 

In addition to, other domain names are used to allow Fleetio to be as feature-rich and performance-driven as possible. Oftentimes there may be a corporate firewall issue on a company's network that blocks some of the third party tools/components that Fleetio uses.

Please ask your IT department to whitelist the domains listed below.

These are some "behind the scenes" third party domains that Fleetio uses to load additional content and add features:

  6. *

As soon as your IT department can whitelist these domains, everything should function properly. 

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