Issues Overview

Fleetio's Issues component allows users to easily log and track tasks for vehicles that are considered more "one-off's" in nature and do not fit in the Preventative Maintenance (PM) category. General repairs are a great example of the types of tasks that should be logged through the vehicle Issues feature.

TIP: Please see our [Manage] Service Tasks & Issues training video for more information.

See our article on  Issues vs. Service Entries vs. Work Orders for additional information on which component is best suited for managing various repairs and services. 

Adding Vehicle Issues

Vehicle Issues can be accessed through the Issues link on the left sidebar of the Fleetio system. From here, Issues can be added, updated or viewed.

To add a new Issue follow these steps:

1. Click Add Issue.   

2. Complete the applicable data fields for reporting the new issue. *Denotes required fields for the Issue to be created.

  • *Vehicle: Vehicle that the Issue is being reported for
  • *Reported On: Date the Issue was first reported (*Defaults to today's date)
  • *Summary: Brief yet descriptive label for the work to be done
  • Description: Detailed explanation of the work to be done
  • Odometer: Updated meter reading of vehicle at the time the Issue was created (*Meter will be reset to this value)
  • Labels: Option for grouping/tagging Issues for additional reporting (More information available in Using Labels)
  • Reported By: Contact/User reporting the Issue (*Defaults to user entering the issue)
  • Assigned To: Select one or multiple individuals from the Contacts records are of the system for who the Issue should be assigned to (*Reminder notifications will be sent via email to these contacts)
  • Due Date: Deadline for when the Issue should be resolved or closed
  • Odometer: Meter reading for when the Issue should be resolved or closed

3. Click  Save Issue to create a new Issue or Save & Add Another to continue adding Issues.

TIP: Once an Issue has been created, Comments and Documents can be added by clicking the applicable tab.

NOTE: Due Dates or Due Meters that appear in red font represent issues that are considered overdue.

IMPORTANT: Once an Issue is logged, it is given a "Status" of Open. See the  Issues Status Guide for a detailed description of each status available for Issues as well as how the Overdue setting is calculated for an Issue.

View Vehicle Issues

Vehicle Issues can be viewed from the following locations:

1. The Issues link from the left sidebar allows users to view all issues that have been created. Click each tab to filter down by the current status or state of the Issue (Open, Overdue, Resolved or Closed). 

Utilize the "Filters" option to search Issues using the summary name, labels or any custom fields created for Issues. 

TIP: The Sort features allows users to view Issues by when they were Created (added to the system), Reported (Reported By date specified for an Issue), or by an individual Vehicle.

2. A vehicle's overview page has an Issues link on the left side bar, as well as an Issues area on the vehicle's dashboard.

NOTE: The Issues links accessed from a vehicle's overview page will only display Issues that have been created for that individual vehicle. To view Issues across all vehicles, click the Issues link from the main menu on the left sidebar.

3. The Reports area from the top Fleetio toolbar will provide access to the Issues List report. Filtering options are available to help pinpoint specific Issues that need to be viewed. Visit our Issues List Report article for more information on the functionality behind this report.

Manage Vehicle Issues

Once an Issue has been created for a vehicle, additional actions are required to edit, resolve or close the Issue. 

Locate the issue

An Issue can be accessed from any of the following three areas of the system:

  • Vehicle's Overview page - click the Issues link from the vehicle's menu or the number for the issue status in the Issues dashboard view
  • Issues page - click the summary name or number to select the issue from the list 
  • Reports - select the Issues List Report and click the issue # in the first column of the report. Once the issue has been located, the next step is to Resolve or Close the issue. Visit the Issue Status Guide for more information on how each status is determined.

Option 1: Edit Issue

1. From the Issue's informational page, click the "Edit Issue" button.

2. Edit the information as needed

3. Click "Update Issue"

TIP: Comments, documents and photos can be added to the Issue by clicking the applicable tab from the Issue's informational page. 

Option 2: Resolve Issue

Issues can be resolved directly through the Issues component via a  Service Entry or can be assigned to and resolved through a Work Order.

1. From the Issue's informational page, click the "Resolve" button

2. Select "Resolve via Service Entry" or "Resolve via Work Order"

3. Follow steps below for resolving via a Service Entry or Work Order:

Option 1: Resolve via Service Entry:
If resolved via a   Service Entry a new entry will be created to resolve the Issue. Complete the necessary fields to add the Service Entry for one or multiple outstanding Issues and/or any other potential services completed at the time.

Option 2: Resolve via Work Order: 
If resolved via a Work Order a new entry will be created to resolve the Issue. The issue will automatically appear as a line item on the Work Order.

TIP: Utilize the Service Entry or Work Order to log any additional services or Issues resolved for the vehicle at the time of the service. Any outstanding Service Reminders will be fulfilled through these entries.

IMPORTANT: If a Service Entry or Work Order is edited and any Resolved Issues are unselected during the edit, the Issue's status will revert back to "Open".

Option 3: Close Issue

1. From the Issue's informational page, click the "Resolve" button.

2. Select "Close Issue".

3. Click "OK" to confirm the Issue should be closed.

IMPORTANT: A "Closed" Issue represents an Issue where no work will be done to "Resolve" the submitted Issue. A Service Entry is not needed for Issues that are "Closed" and resolution variances are not calculated.

  • Closed Issues may be deleted or reopened by accessing the "Reopen" menu at the top right of the Issue's page.

Notifications for Vehicle Issues

Fleetio will generate various email notifications to ensure the necessary parties are aware of outstanding Issues. 

For more information see the  Issues Notifications Emails article.

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