Fuel Entries Calculations Overview

Fleetio supports the following metric units for fuel entry calculations:

  • Miles per Gallon (MPG) - US and Imperial gallons
  • Liters per 100 Kilometers (L/100km)
  • Kilometers per Liter (km/L)

NOTE: The metrics used for a vehicle are configured when the vehicle is added into the system. Fuel Log reports however do contain filter options that will allow users to view fuel data across all metrics (Miles vs. Kilometers) & (Gallons (US) vs. Gallons (UK) vs. Liters). These options are available regardless of a vehicle's individual configuration.

The Fuel Entries Log for a vehicle uses the following calculations:

  • Miles or Kilometers or Hours = The distance/difference between two consecutive odometer readings that have not had the meter marked as void or the "Reset usage" flag set to ON. Visit How Distance is Calculated for additional information.
  • Amount = (Gallons or Liters) * Price 
  • MPG or L/100km or km/L= (Miles or Kilometers or Hours) / (Gallons or Liters)
  • Cost/Mile or Cost/Km = Amount / (Miles or Kilometers or Hours)
IMPORTANT:  The following metrics are calculated only for fuel entries that have not had the meter marked as void, or the " Partial fuel-up" or "Reset usage" flag set to the ON position:
  • MPG or L/100km or Liters/Hour or Gallons/Hour
  • Cost/Mile or Cost/Km


  • Miles or Kilometers or Hours = The distance/difference between the two most recent/consecutive odometer readings 
    • 325 = 2,700 - 2,375
  • Amount = (Gallons or Liters) * Price 
    • $51.50 = 20.5 * 2.49/gallon
  • MPG = (Miles or Kilometers or Hours) / (Gallons or Liters)
    • 15.9 = 325 / 20.5
  • Cost/Mile or Cost/Km = Amount / Miles or Kilometers or Hours
    • $0.16 = $51.50 / 325

Correcting Fuel Entries

If you notice a discrepancy in the calculations, there is a strong possibility that a fuel entry was missed or the meter was entered incorrectly at the time of the fuel-up.

To correct the data, try one of the following options:

1. Edit the incorrect entry. From the vehicle's Fuel Log, select the Actions dropdown menu next to the invalid fuel entry and select Edit. Make the necessary data updates and click "Update Fuel Entry". Next, click "Recalculate All Fuel Entries" so that the updated data is used in the vehicle's fuel calculations.

2. Enter the missed Fuel Entry for the vehicle. Be sure to enter the correct date, odometer, gallons/liters and price so that the calculations are accurate. Click " Recalculate All Fuel Entries >  so that the updated data is used in the vehicle's fuel calculations.

3. Locate the most recent Fuel Entry where the discrepancy began and Edit the entry. Turn "ON" the Reset Usage flag. Click "Recalculate All Fuel Entries" so that the updated data is used in the vehicle's fuel calculations.

IMPORTANT: By choosing to "Reset usage" Fleetio will start calculating distance again on the next fuel entry. Once two consecutive fuel entries are made, fuel entry calculations will resume.

Visit  Recalculating Fuel Entries for additional information. 

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