Fuel Types

Fuel types are a great way to break down your fuel costs by the type of fuel being used. You can create multiple fuel type/grade options that will appear on the fuel entry form. Each fuel entry can be tied to a unique fuel type. 

PERMISSION: Account Owners and Admins with the "Manage Account Settings" permission can manage Fuel Types.

Managing Fuel Types

Fleetio does come pre-populated with common Fuel Types, however you can edit, delete, or add your own at any time.

Fuel Types can be managed from the Settings area:

Click  + Add Fuel Type at the top right to add a new fuel type, or edit/delete a Fuel Type from the Actions menu.

NOTE: Fuel Types affiliated with Fuel Entries cannot be deleted for historical purposes.

Fuel Card Data

As part of our  fuel card integration, the fuel type is typically part of the data automatically imported into Fleetio. If it's available in the data file from your fuel card provider, the fuel type information will be automatically imported.


You can filter by the fuel type on the Fuel Entries by Vehicle and  Fuel Summary reports under the main Reports area of Fleetio. 

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