[Fleetio Go] Work Order Overview

TIP: Learn more in the Work Order Overview for the desktop application, and be sure to understand the difference between Service Entries vs. Work Orders

Since Vehicle maintenance is completed in the shop or on-the-go, the Fleetio Go Mobile App offers Technicians a simple way to Add, View, and Edit Work Orders via mobile device.

PERMISSIONS: Various Work Order permissions may be configured by Role

Add Work Orders

To create a new Work Order, navigate to the sidebar menu (a) then Vehicles (b)

Tap the Vehicle in question, then click the green circle + Plus in the lower right corner of the screen to bring up the Quick Add Menu and select Work Order:

New Work Order Entry

Launched from the Vehicle Overview, the new Work Order will pre-populate the Vehicle Name, along with the Work Order Number and Status.

NOTE: The next Work Order number in sequence and the default ; Work Order Status are both configured in the Maintenance section of your Account Settings.

The next section includes primary and secondary Meter Entry (if applicable), Issue Date, Start Date, and Completion Date.

NOTE: Enable or disable the meter reading requirement in the Maintenance section of your Account Settings. Start Date is a required field only if a meter reading has been entered.

Optional Additional Details could include a Vendor with Service Classification, Labels, Invoice Number, and/or PO Number.

The Issued By name defaults to the currently signed-in User, and the Assigned To options include any Technician Contact.

Resolve Issues

If any Open Issues are Resolved through the maintenance performed, tap to Select Issues:

Add Line Items

Line Items may include Service Tasks, Labor, or Parts. Select the desired section to highlight, then tap the Add button:

Labor and Parts can be added as separate Line Items if they are NOT attributed to a specific Service Task.

A Service Task Line Item can also include Labor or Parts detail, thereby associating the costs with that specific Service Task for more accurate cost reporting.

Tap the Cost field to simply enter the individual or subtotal cost (a), or tap to Add Labor or Parts (b).

Labor Line Item Detail

For a Labor Line Item entry, select a Technician (a), set the number of Hours (b), confirm or adjust the Hourly Rate (c), add any Notes (d), then Save (e):

Parts Line Item Detail

For a Part Line Item entry, select from your Parts List (a), set the Quantity (b), confirm or adjust the Unit Cost (c), and choose whether or not to make an Inventory Adjustment (d).

Add any Notes (e), then Save (f):

Itemized Labor/Part Cost vs. Manually Entered Cost

Adding Labor or Part detail to the Line Item will apply the associated costs to the Labor, Parts and Subtotal values, locking these fields for manual edit.

Work Order Cost Summary

After Line Items have been added, the labor and part cost details contained within will display in the Work Order Cost Summary section (a). Add or adjust any Discount (b) or Tax (c) if necessary.

Description, Attachments and Custom Fields

Enter notes or details in the Description to apply to the overall Work Order, upload any associated Photos or Documents, add Comments or Custom Fields:

View Work Orders

Navigate to the sidebar menu (a) and then Work Orders (b):

Work Orders will be displayed in two tabs, grouped by Work Order Status: Incomplete (a) and Completed (b).

Use the Filter drop-down to select All Work Orders, Mine, Assigned, or Unassigned.

Search by Work Order number, Vehicle, or Assignee.

Tap any individual Work Order row to view detail:

Work Order Detail

Tapping the individual Work Order reveals various sections, starting with a header to include Status, Assigned To Technician, Description, and Labels:

Scroll down to view an expandable Details section, Resolved Issues, and Line Items:

At the bottom, view Cost Summary, Custom Fields and Attachments.

Edit a Work Order

The Edit option displays in the upper right corner of the Work Order detail screen for those Users enabled with Work Order Edit permission:

Adjust any of the entries made in the New Work Order, or add new details!

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