Archiving a Contact

Similar to archiving a vehicle, you can archive Contact records.

This is useful when an employee leaves or is terminated, and you don't want to delete all the data associated with the Contact but you don't need to access it during the normal day-to-day in Fleetio anymore.

NOTICE: Only Account Owners and Admin users with the "Manage Contact" permission can archive Contact records.

How to Archive a Contact

From a Contact's profile screen, select the Archive option from the Edit dropdown:Or from the Contact list:

Linked Users

If the  Contact is linked to a User, the link will be broken when the Contact record is archived.

Current Assignments

If the  Contact is assigned to any vehicles, the assignments will be automatically ended when the Contact is archived.

How to Restore a Contact

Restore an archived contact at any time from the Contact list or an individual Contact's profile page. The contact record will no longer be "read-only" once they are restored.

To access archived contacts, select the "Archived Contacts" tab from the Contacts list. Select Restore Contact from the Actions menu for the Contact

PERMISSION: Only Account Owners and Admins are allowed to restore a contact.

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