Contact Renewal Reminders

Contact Renewal Reminders in Fleetio have similar functionality to Vehicle Renewal Reminders, but are designed for Contact-specific activities like license renewals, certifications, or other events applicable to individuals affiliated with your business. 

Customized  Contact Renewal Types can be setup and managed from the Settings area by users with the "Manage Account Settings" permission.

Adding Contact Renewal Reminders

 To add a Contact Reminder, go to your  Contacts list and click the name of the Contact for whom you are adding the reminder
 From the Contact's profile, select Reminders
 Select + Add Contact Renewal Reminder

    Complete the Reminder form and click Save Contact Renewal Reminder

TIP: Contact Renewal Reminders can be added in bulk through the import tool. (Contact Renewal Reminders Import Guide).

Editing or Deleting a Reminder

To edit or delete an existing Contact Renewal Reminder, click in the Actions menu for the applicable reminder.

Resolving an "Overdue" or "Due Soon" Reminder

To resolve/renew a Contact Renewal Reminder, simply edit the reminder and update the next due date.

Reporting on Reminders

A Contact Renewal Reminders report is available from the "Reports" area of Fleetio. 

Utilize filters to narrow down your Contact Renewal Reminders by their Renewal Type, Status or other important criteria

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