Contact Renewal Reminders

Contact Renewal Reminders in Fleetio help you keep track of Contact-specific activities like license renewals, industry certifications, or other events applicable to individuals affiliated with your business.

Add Contact Renewal Reminders

1. Go to Contacts & Users > Contact List via the left sidebar menu, then click the name of the Contact in question

2. From the Contact Profile, select Renewal Reminders

3. Select + Add Contact Renewal Reminder (1), or click the More Actions button (2) for an available Renewal Type and select New Contact Renewal Reminder:

Contact Renewal Details

The Renewal Type will pre-fill for a new entry made via the More Actions menu. For a NEW Reminder, enter the form details including Renewal Type (1), Due Date (2), Due Soon Threshold (3), Email Notifications (4), and Subscribers (5) to receive these notifications. Click Save (6) when complete.

TIP: Contact Renewal Reminders can be added in bulk through the Import process. ( Contact Renewal Reminders Import Guide).

Editing or Deleting a Reminder

The More Actions menu for an existing Contact Renewal Reminder includes additional options: Send Notifications, Edit, and Delete.

Resolving an "Overdue" or "Due Soon" Reminder

To resolve/renew a Contact Renewal Reminder, simply Edit the reminder and update the Due Date.

Contact Renewal Reminder Reports

A Contact Renewal Reminders report is available from the Reports section, via the left sidebar menu.

Use Filters (1) to narrow your results by Type, Status or other relevant criteria. Customize your report by selecting Columns to display (2), and click any column header to Sort (3). Use the arrow buttons (4) to advance pages, or click the buttons to Export to CSV (5) or Print (6).

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