Recalculate Fuel Entries

Since fuel entries depend on each other to calculate distance and fuel economy (by figuring the difference in odometer values), sometimes editing or moving several fuel entries out of sequence can lead to concerns with fuel calculations. While Fleetio updates all calculations in the background, a recalculate and validate button is available for extra measure.

From a vehicle's Fuel Entries list, select Recalculate Only to re-run the calculations across all fuel entries, or Validate and Recalculate to validate the meter sequence and re-run the calculations across all fuel entries.Selecting either of these options will tell Fleetio to recalculate and/or validate all the distances and fuel economy values starting with the oldest fuel entry.

NOTE: If you have more than a few Fuel Entries, the recalculation updates will happen in the background and may take a few minutes.

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