Notification Settings

Each user has the ability to customize their personal notification settings. These settings control which emails are sent to the user for specific activities that impact the  vehicles they are watching.

Accessing Notification Settings

Click your user photo in the top right corner of Fleetio to access your personal Notification Settings:

Notification Options

The following activities in Fleetio trigger a notification email if set to the ON position:

  • Vehicle comments
  • Service Entry comments
  • Fuel Entry comments
  • Issue comments
  • New issues
  • New work orders
  • Work Order status
  • Vehicle status
  • Auto Voided Fuel Entries
  • DTC Alerts
    *available on vehicles mapped to a GPS device
  • New fuel cards

  • Tip: Click the "Watched Vehicles" link in the left navigation menu to manage the vehicles you are watching, as well as configure your settings for watched vehicles.

Manage Other Users' Notification Settings

Account Owners, Administrators, and Regular Users with the permission to Edit Contacts can manage other users' notification settings from their User profile.

From the User Management page:

Choose Manage Notification Settings from the Actions dropdown of the desired user

From a User's profile (2 options):

  1. Choose Manage Notification Settings from the Actions dropdown in the top right
  2. Click Notification Settings in the user's submenu

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