Integration Links

Integration Links allow you to create links to external websites which appear on the Vehicle Profile or Contact Profile pages for easy navigating to third-party systems and sites.

NOTE: Integration Links are available for Fleetio Manage Advanced Plan customers. To learn more about the benefits of Advanced Plans, reach out to

Manage Integration Links

Navigate to Settings > General Settings > Integration Links, or go to your Company drop-down menu and click Account Settings.

To add a new Link, click the green + Add Integration Link button (1). For existing Links, the More Actions menu provides options to Disable/Enable or Edit (2).

In a new Integration Link you will choose the Record Type (Vehicle or Contact) (1). This will determine whether the link shows up on the Vehicle Profile or the Contact Profile page.

Enter a Label (2), which is the name of the link as it will appear in the Vehicle or Contact Profile page.

Enter a URL to the site you wish to link (3). You can customize the link with the Template Variables (4), which pull information from the corresponding Vehicle or Contact field in Fleetio's database.

Toggle the switch ON or OFF to Enable/Disable (5), and set the Visibility to All or Select Roles (6).

Watch the process in action here:


Your Integration Link will show in the Vehicle Profile:

Or Contact Profile:

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