[Fleetio Drive] Link Trips to Vehicles

If you have a Fleetio Manage subscription, you can choose to associate Trips to specific Vehicles. When tracking completes, the Trip End location will be entered into Location History for the Vehicle in question.  Frequently visited Locations may be established as Places.

Add a Linked Vehicle to Trip Tracking

Navigate to the Dashboard in Fleetio Go and tap Select Vehicle:

Scroll through the Vehicle List and select as desired:

Remove or Change Linked Vehicles

If you need to Remove or Change the currently selected Linked Vehicle, you can simply tap the minus shown above, then either leave the selection blank, or choose a different Vehicle.

Linking Vehicles to Historical Trips

You can also link or change a Vehicle on a previous Trip. Go to  My Trips from the Main Menu:

Scroll to the Trip in question, then tap the drop-down menu to Select a vehicle (or change an existing selection):

Or, tap the Trip to view detail, click the Options menu, then Edit:

Then tap to Search and select a Vehicle:

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