Custom Widgets

PERMISSIONS: Only Account Owners and Administrators have access to manage Custom Widgets. Learn more in the User Types article.

Custom Widgets allow you to create your own Dashboard blocks to display custom messages for your team with rich formatting, images and hyperlinks.

Manage Widgets

Navigate to  Settings via the left sidebar menu, or click your Company drop-down menu and select Account Settings:

Click the + Add Custom Widget button, or the More Actions button to Edit or Delete an existing Widget.

Enter a Title (1), choose a Size (2) and enter your text in the Body (3).  The toolbar above the body of the text offers several great formatting options as well as the ability to add links and images.

Toggle the switch ON or OFF to Enable/Disable (4) and set Visibility to All or Select Groups (5).

Watch this process in action:

Below are the size differences in the Small (1x1) and Large (2x2) Widgets:

Use Rich Text formatting to customize Widget appearance, and use the Link button to create Hyperlinks:

Use the Image button to upload images, then Edit or Crop as needed:

View and Reposition New Widgets

When you add New Widgets, Users will see a banner at the top of their Dashboard to draw attention to the new Widget. This banner will display for 7 days after a new widget is added.  

New Widgets default to the bottom of your Dashboard, and can be repositioned by drag-and-drop via the Header.

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