Vehicle Location History

On the Location History page in the Vehicle Profile, you can view all entries that provide location information for the Vehicle.

Location Entries are collected from:

  • Fuel Entries (based on Vendor with a valid address)
  • Service Entries (based on Vendor with a valid address)
  • GPS Integrations (e.g. Geotab, Zubie, Verizon Connect Reveal)
  • Submitted Inspections
  • Trip End (if you have a Drive Subscription, and the Vehicle is Linked to a Trip)
PERMISSION: Account Owners, Administrators and Regular Users with  Location Entries Permissions can Create, View, Edit, or Delete Location Entries.

Colored icons on the map correspond to the Type of submission. 

Click the drop-down Map Options menu in the upper right of the map to view a Map Legend:

The icons pinpoint submission locations on the map, with detailed entries in the table below. 

Click the icon on the map, or the link in the source column in the table, to view details (Inspection, Fuel Entry, Service Entry, etc).

Clicking an entry in the table will zoom the map to that Location:

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