Creating Multiple Renewal Reminders At Once

Fleetio makes it easy to add the same  Renewal Reminder to multiple Vehicles all at once. 

EXAMPLE: You want to add a reminder to have multiple vehicles registration renewed.

 To get started, go to your Renewal Reminders list and click Actions and then +  Add Multiple Vehicle Renewal Reminders 

 Select one or more vehicles from the Vehicle(s) field and complete the Renewal Reminder form. See our  Renewal Reminders article for more details on each input.
 Choose to Save or Save & Add Another

IMPORTANT: The same Due Date must be used across all vehicles. If unique due dates apply to multiple vehicles, utilize the Import tool for importing Renewal Reminders.

TIP: You can edit individual Renewal Reminders after they are created if you need to tweak things a bit for certain vehicles.

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