[Video] Fleetio Webhooks

TIP: If you would like to dig deeper into the technical side of our Webhooks, please check out our API documentation  here

You can now use Webhooks in Fleetio to push events to third party software such as Google Sheets, text messaging apps, email and much, much more.

You can access Webhooks in the Company dropdown menu by clicking Account Settings then clicking Webhooks under General Settings.

To add a Webhook, click the green "+Add Webhook" button.  For existing Webhooks, use the "More Actions" button to View Events, Disable Webhook, Test Webhook, Edit and Delete the Webhook.

Once the Webhook is created, you will need the actual Webhook URL, which you can get from services like  Zapier.  You can then choose which Fleetio Events you want sent via the Webhook.

IMPORTANT: Please limit the amount of Events per each Webhook to one Event per Webhook to maintain efficient processing and delivery of these events from our system.

Please see our short overview video of one way to use Webhooks with Fleetio:

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