Creating Multiple Service Reminders At Once

Fleetio makes it easy to add the same  Service Reminder to multiple Vehicles all at once. 

EXAMPLE: You want to add an Oil Change Service Reminder on 5,000 mile intervals for 10 different vehicles.

 To get started, go to your Service Reminders list and click +  Add Multiple Service Reminders 

 Select one or more vehicles from the Vehicle(s) field and complete the Service Reminder form. See the Service Reminder Overview article for more details on each input.
 Choose to Save or Save & Add Another

IMPORTANT: Meter and Time intervals will be created according to the vehicle(s) current meter. If specific meter or time intervals need to be specified per vehicle, utilize the Import tool for importing Service Reminders.

TIP: You can edit individual Service Reminders after they are created if you need to tweak things a bit for certain vehicles.

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