Historical Trips Map

Fleetio will show you a map of the trips your drivers have taken. You can access this by clicking the "Map" tab next to "List" in the "Trips" section of the menu.  To go back to the original List view, click "Trip List"

You will see a all of the trips that were taken in the designated time period. The Map defaults to Today's Trips.  You can also filter by Groups and Drivers to see those trips.  More features such as heatmaps, places and drive segmented maps views coming soon!

IMPORTANT: Any filters you have applied in the List view will NOT carry over to the Map view. You will need to apply separate filters in the Map view.

IMPORTANT: Processing large amounts of trips (1,000+) on the Map can take upwards to 5 to 10 seconds.

You can use the "Map Options" dropdown to Fit Map to Routes to see your routes on the map at once.

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