Vehicles Without Service Report

This report lists Vehicles that have not had any maintenance or service within the reporting filters specified. This is a helpful way to identify Vehicles that are not being serviced or maintained properly and serve as a risk to the health of your fleet.

Default View

By default, the report lists Vehicles that have never been serviced according to Fleetio (these Vehicles have no Service Entries).

Report Filters

TIP: Use multiple filters to really narrow down the results!

Filtering by Date Range

Use the Time Frame filter to limit results to a certain date range. This will return Vehicles the have not been serviced during the selected time frame.

TIP: This uses the Service Entry Date attribute to find Vehicles without any Service Entries or completed Work Orders for the selected date range.

Filtering by Service Type

Select one or more Service Types (a.k.a. maintenance tasks) to filter the Vehicle list to those that have not performed the selected maintenance tasks.

TIP: Selecting multiple Service Types will filter the list to Vehicles that have not performed ALL of the selected maintenance tasks.

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