Vehicle Assignments Scheduler

Note: If you need more information on who can be assigned a vehicle and the the rules around Vehicle Assignments, please see our article on Assigning a Vehicle to a Contact

The Vehicle Assignments Scheduler allows you to schedule Assignments based on Vehicle or Operator in an easy calendar view.  You can easily add, delete and edit assignments and get an overview of all of your assignments by Day, Week and Year.

Calendar Overview

  1. Date Navigator - You can move through the days, weeks and months of assignments here. This calendar will change depending on what view you have chosen (see number 3)
  2. Condense or Expand Schedule - This will make the rows of the Scheduler larger or smaller. When in condensed mode, you can hover over the scheduled assignment to see more details.
  3. The Date Scale - Chooses the view of the scheduler.
    • Day: The Day scale provides the most zoomed in and detailed view. Time is scaled by hours (24 hours, 12:00am to 11:59pm for the selected day). Great for scheduling an operator or vehicle for a single day.
    • Week: The Week scale provides a 7 day view for the selected week (7 days,  Sunday to Saturday). Great for scheduling an operator or vehicle across multiple days.
    • Month: The Month scale provides a month-by-month view for the next 12 months (current month to 11 months ahead). Great for scheduling an operator or vehicle for longer periods of time like an entire month or multiple months.
  4. Current Date - shows the current date(s) depending on your selected Date Scale View
  5. Today (Previous and Next Arrows) - Quickly jump to the current day (Today) or navigate day/week/month depending on the Date Scale you are in.
  6. Filters - Allows you to filter schedule by Vehicles or Operators.  More filters are coming soon!
  7. Group and Sort Options 
    • Group: Allows you to show schedule for either Vehicles or Operator Groups
    • Sort: You can sort by:
      • Name (both alphabetic and numeric)
      • Status
      • Group
  8. Page - shows number of results and allows you to move through results

Tip: Clicking on the Vehicle or Operator Name in this column will take you to their Assignments Page.

Assignment Colors

  • Past = Gray
  • Current = Green
  • Future = Yellow

Current Time Marker

The Current Time is marked by the red line running vertically through the scheduler.

Note: This marker does not update in real time and you will need to refresh the page to update the current time marker if you have been idle for a few minutes.

Available Actions on Event

Clicking on an event will bring up the Show Assignment window and will allow you add details and comments, set End Date and Edit the Assignment

Right-clicking event will allow you to Set the End Date (only if end date has not already been sent), Edit the Assignment and Delete the Assignment:

Click & Drag to reschedule event to new times and Resize (on left and right edges) to change start and/or end date/time with 15 minute increments:

Note: The End Time of one Assignment can also be the Start Time of another Assignment for the same Vehicle or Operator. For Example, if you wanted a Vehicle's Assignment to End at 18:00 hours, the event would be snapped to an actual End Time of 17:59.

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