Fleetio Parts Release Notes


  • Fixed the blank Part Location toggles when adding a part via scanned UPC
  • Restored ability to update part photo in-app
  • Fixed errors preventing the saving a new part from UPC scan
  • Added error messages for scanning unrecognized/invalid UPC and QR codes
  • The Parts List now loads the next 25 parts at that location when you reach the bottom of the list


  • Scanning a Fleetio-generated QR code will now pull up the full part profile


  • The Parts List now refreshes automatically when returning to it after an inventory adjustment
  • Added a loading spinner when opening the Parts List for an individual Part Location


Fixed several little bugs from the 2.0 release: 
  • Filtering by location shows the location-specific quantity
  • Locations show every active part when filtered 
  • Parts with Track Inventory OFF show a blank quantity  
  • Part Locations are sorted alphabetically in nav menu 
  • Zero or negative inventory quantities are colored red in the UI


Parts has been completely rebuilt, with a new interface and a smoother user experience

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