Comdata Fuel Card Integration

Fleetio integrates directly with Comdata fuel cards, automatically syncing fuel transaction data from the pump directly into Fleetio. Once you map your fuel cards to your vehicles in Fleetio, the process is completely automated.

The Comdata fuel card integration is available to accounts on Fleetio's Pro and Advanced Plans.

Included Features

  • Fuel card transactions are automatically downloaded each day. No more manual entry of fuel receipts or downloading and importing fuel transactions across systems.
  • Metrics like MPG and cost-per-mile are calculated for each transaction. Easily analyze fuel spend from all angles - by vehicle, location, vehicle type, time frame, etc.
  • Invalid odometer readings are automatically detected. Receive an email alert each day for bad readings and easily correct them. Invalid readings are automatically voided until fixed.

How often?

Imports occur automatically each day however the transaction dates might be delayed a few days.

Comdata processing begins at 5:00 a.m. CST (6:00 a.m. CDT), however individual files may come in at various times causing files to post as late as 11:00 a.m CST (12:00 p.m. CDT) and Comdata transactions typically appear 1-4 business days after the card swipe occurs. 

Setting Up your Comdata Fuel Card Integration

TIP: Your Comdata account number is typically a five digit alpha numeric number, such as XX123.

You can start the Comdata fuel card integration process at any time by navigating to Fuel > Manage Fuel Cards on the blue Fleetio navigation bar. Click the green Add Fuel Card Account button, then select Comdata from the drop down list. 

On the Add Fuel Card Account pop up, enter your Comdata account number and click Continue.  

As a next step, you'll need to complete a few electronic forms via HelloSign. Click the GET STARTED button to digitally sign the Comdata Data Release Forms, which will then be sent to Comdata for processing. 

At this point, you'll be able to follow the process through message updates on the Manage Fuel Card page. 

  • If you haven't yet signed the forms, you'll see the message "Awaiting Signature" and you'll need to click the Sign Data Release button to move forward in the process.
  • If you've signed the forms, and Comdata is currently completing the integration setup, you'll see the message "Pending Setup"
  • IMPORTANT: You must use your Comdata cards at the pump before Comdata can complete the integration and send fuel transactions to Fleetio.
  • While you wait for Comdata to import your transactions, you can manually add your Comdata Cards into Fleetio on the Manage Fuel Cards page by clicking the Unassigned Transactions and choosing "Import Comdata Cards":
  • TIP: You can get this .csv file of your Comdata cards for importing to Fleetio from your Comdata account

  • Once Comdata has completed setup on their side, you'll see the message "Manage Card Assignments" and you'll be able to start mapping your fuel cards to their associated vehicles. You'll also receive an email from Fleetio with instructions on how to map your fuel cards.
  • Assigning Fuel Cards to Vehicles

    Once your fuel card details have been imported into Fleetio, you will need to assign each fuel card to a vehicle in order for transactions to be imported for that card.  Please read our  Assigning Fuel Cards article to learn more.

    Archiving a Fuel Card

    You can archive a fuel card to remove it from your list of "live" fuel cards in Fleetio. Details are available on the  Archiving Fuel Cards article.

    Removing the Comdata Fuel Card Integration

    If you no longer need to integrate Fleetio with your Comdata cards, you can remove the integration by clicking the More Actions button and selecting Remove

    IMPORTANT: If you remove your Comdata integration, Fleetio will immediately stop updating your vehicle fuel data and you'll need to add all subsequent fuel entries manually or through an integration with another fuel card provider. 

    FleetCor/Comdata Supported & Non-Supported Cards

    FleetCor acquired Comdata in 2014. Together they offer a variety of fuel cards that can be integrated with Fleetio, as seen in the graphic below.

    The cards currently available for integration with FleetCor/Comdata and Fleetio include: 

    Universal Premium MasterCard, Fuelman Advantage Platinum MasterCard, Universal Advantage Voyager, Fuelman Advantage Local Diesel, Fuelman Commercial Advantage, Fuelman Discount Advantage, Fuelman Diesel Advantage, BP Business Solutions MasterCard, BP Business Solutions, BP Business Solutions Plus, Chevron & Texaco Universal Business MasterCard, Chevron & Texaco Business Card, Chevron & Texaco Diesel Advantage, Arco Business Solutions, Comdata MasterCard, Comdata Proprietary, Kwik Trip Business Plus MasterCard, Kwik Trip Extended Fleet, Universal Platinum Canada MasterCard, HuskyPro MasterCard, Ultramar MasterCard, Chevron Business Card Canada, and Shell Fleet Navigator. 

    Integration with Fleetio is NOT available on the following cards: Pacific Pride-branded cards, CFN-branded cards, and FDR cards.

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