Adding or Removing User(s) from Multiple Reminders

You can quickly add or remove multiple users from one or more  Service Reminders or Renewal Reminders.

TIP: Hover your mouse over the subscriber count on either the Service Reminders or Renewal Reminders list to quickly see which users are currently subscribed to a specific reminder.

Adding or Removing User(s) to Multiple Reminders

Select the box for each reminder that should have the subscriber list updated.  

TIP: Check the box next to the Vehicle column name to select all reminders on the page (50 reminders are displayed per page).

From the Manage Subscribers link choose to either Add Subscriber(s) or Remove Subscriber(s).
NOTE: The list of available "subscribers" is pulled from your Users list, not Contacts.
If adding subscribers, select the applicable users and then click Save
If removing subscribers, turn the setting to the OFF position for the users being removed and click Save.

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