Fuel Summary by Location Report

The Fuel Summary by Location report in Fleetio aggregates your fleet's Fuel Entries into subtotals by location. If your organization is required to submit quarterly IFTA tax reports, then this report acts like an assistant to help you calculate the fuel gallons and cost totals by state.

The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is an agreement between the lower 48 states of the United States and the Canadian provinces to simplify the reporting of fuel use by motor carriers that operate in more than one jurisdiction. 

The report will display subtotals of transactions, fuel volume, and cost by location: 

Note: The values in the Location column come from the State/Region/Province field for the Vendors listed on each individual Fuel Entry.

Reporting by Quarter

The summary table will only show subtotals from Fuel Entries that match your selected filters. So, in order to tally fuel use by location over a specific quarter, open the Filters sidebar and change the Time Frame filter. You can choose Last Quarter or This Quarter, or you can enter a custom range.

Separating Transactions by Fuel Type

By default, Fleetio will tally fuel entries and group them automatically by location only. If you need to calculate fuel use separated by Fuel Type as well, use the dropdown above the summary table and select Group: Location + Fuel Type

Each location will still show its own subtotal (of all Fuel Types) in the gray bar separating unique locations. If you only need certain Fuel Types for the report, use the Fuel Type filter to isolate or remove individual types.

Handling "Unknown" Locations

There are 2 types of Fuel Entries that will be aggregated as location " Unknown" on the Fuel Summary by Location report:

  1. The Fuel Entry does not have a listed Vendor
  2. The Fuel Entry's Vendor does not have a State/Region/Province value

Any Fuel Entries that match these conditions will be grouped together in an ( Unknown) row. 

Note: Fuel Entries entered from the Fleetio Go mobile app will also be listed as Unknown location if they fall into the 2 Vendor specifications above. The mobile GPS location is not used for the Fuel Entry's State/Region/Province value.

You can fix your unknown Fuel Entries by clicking the blue Transactions link in the summary table. This will take you to the Fuel Log filtered for those individual entries, and you can then edit their Vendor details.

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