Cost/Meter Trend Report

The Cost/Meter Trend Report provides users with the ability to view costs per meter for one or multiple vehicles all in a single view. Keep tabs on operating cost per meter (mile, kilometer or hour) for your entire fleet. View vehicles in aggregate or individually and spot operating cost trends from month-to-month, helping you to properly allocate assets based on trip length.

meter cost trend

This report can be accessed from the main Reports area of your Fleetio system and will only display data for vehicles that a user has access to view according to their user permissions. The cost per meter trend data is calculated across all vehicles returned in the list and consists of the total service and fuel costs for a particular vehicle. The accumulated expenses are combined and divided by the total meter difference logged in Fleetio over the life of the vehicle.

Important note: Fleetio will use the first meter entry (from either a Purchase Odometer, Service Entry, Fuel Entry, or Odometer Update) for a Vehicle as the starting point in the elapsed meter interval. If your first entry is 0, that will be the initial meter value for this calculation. Also, if you backdating records and have incomplete information, it could cause the cost/meter number to be inaccurate.

Algorithm: (Total Service Cost + Total Fuel Cost)/(Current Odometer Reading-First Odometer Reading)

Reporting Examples

Through the use of filters and column sorting, here are a few examples of the types of questions that can be answered from the  Cost/Meter Trend Report:

- Which vehicle currently has the best/worst cost per meter for a specific group?
- Which vehicle had the highest cost per meter across my fleet last year?
- What was the average cost per mile last month for each vehicle in a specific group?

NOTE: Print or share this information by utilizing the Export and PDF options at the top right corner of the report.

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