User Types

Watch the User Management video introduction & read the overview in this article.

There are 3 types of users in Fleetio:

  1. Owner
  2. Administrator
  3. Regular User


This is typically the user who signed up for Fleetio. They have full account access. You can transfer ownership to another Administrator if you ever need to.


These users have nearly full access to Fleetio. They can view/update/delete data in every module and can control Account Settings. There are some additional permissions that can be enabled/disabled for Administrators:

  1. Manage Users & Roles
    Grants access to create new users and manage others
  2. Export All Account Data
    Allows the exporting of all account data to a downloadable file
  3. Manage Subscription & Billing
    Enables managing credit card information and updating other billing information

Regular User

The majority of Fleetio account members are intended to be Regular Users (eg. Drivers, Mechanics, Managers). Regular Users are assigned to a Role and have Record Sets that determine which vehicles, contacts and parts they can access.

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