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Users are special Contacts that have been granted access to log in and "use" Fleetio in some capacity. Fleetio's role-based permission system makes it easy to define the access level for each User on your account: you can create reusable Standard Roles and apply them to multiple Users, or create a Custom Role for a specific User. An individual User's Record Sets then determine which specific Vehicles, Contacts, and Parts they can access.

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User Types

There are 3 types of users in Fleetio: 

  1. Owner
    • 1 per account
    • Full Fleetio access
  2. Administrator
    • Access to every Fleetio module & Account Settings
    • 3 high-level permission options:
      • Manage Users & Roles
      • Export All Account Data
      • Manage Subscription & Billing
  3. Regular User
    • The majority of Fleetio account members
    • Maximum permissions flexibility
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User details explained

Regular Users typically have the following composition:

  1. Basic contact information like name, group, email, phone number, custom fields and attachments like photos and documents.
  2. User credentials for logging in (email address or username + password)
  3. A Role (standard or custom) that defines their permissions.
  4. One or more Record Sets that define which vehicles, contacts and/or parts the User can access.

User Roles & Permissions

Regular Users are given a Role which determines the Fleetio features they can access and the actions they can take in the system. Roles are groups of permissions that can be shared by multiple users. By creating Roles for common business functions, managing user access is as simple as modifying your Roles, rather than editing individual users. You can create reusable Standard Roles and apply them to multiple Users, or create a Custom Role for a specific User.

Role permissions are broken down by Fleetio module. A Role can be given a Full, Some, or None access-level to a feature, which determines the actions allowed by a user in that Role and determines visibility of that feature in their Fleetio interface altogether.

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Record Sets

Record Sets are collections of Vehicles, Contacts, and Parts that a Regular User can access. Record Sets enable users to access their own, distinct subset of Vehicles, Contacts, or Parts while sharing their Role and permissions with other users. Sets are unique to an individual user and managed from the User Management tab on the Contact's profile.

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