Fleetmatics REVEAL Integration

With the Fleetio + Fleetmatics REVEAL integration, Fleetio will automatically import odometer readings on a daily basis from REVEAL data. You can also see the current location of a REVEAL vehicle from the Vehicle Profile screen in Fleetio. 

Fleetmatics REVEAL is a native integration and includes the following features:

Integration Feature Included
Live vehicle
Calculated odometer values in Fleetmatics REVEAL

Fleetmatics REVEAL GPS units calculate mileage based upon distance traveled between very close data points, and is calculated no less than once each second. Previous studies conducted by Fleetmatics have shown GPS odometer readings to be in line with a vehicle’s odometer, but can have a small variance within 2.7%.

Fleetmatics REVEAL setup

Before you can use the Fleetio + REVEAL integration, you’ll have to contact REVEAL Customer Care to set up your account for integration.

  1. Sign the Fleetmatics third party consent to allow Fleetio to access your REVEAL data.
  2. Fleetmatics will enable an “Integration Username and Password” on your account. You’ll use this credential when enabling the integration below.  You will not be able to log into the frontend of REVEAL with this username and password.

Enable the Fleetmatics REVEAL integration

  1. Go to Vehicles > Manage GPS Devices
  2. Under Add GPS Integration, click “Fleetmatics REVEAL”
  3. Enter the Fleetmatics’ “integration user” username/password (see “Fleetmatics setup” above)
  4. Once authenticated, click the “Manage Devices” button
  5. Assign Fleetmatics vehicles to Fleetio vehicles from the “Assignable Fleetmatics Vehicles” list

Read about refreshing vehicle/device data for 3rd-party GPS solution in this article.

Unassignable Fleetmatics REVEAL vehicles

Only vehicles with a “Vehicle Number” in REVEAL can be assigned to vehicles in Fleetio. This is due to the fact that REVEAL users must first set up each vehicle’s profile for website and API identification.

To set a Vehicle Number for your Fleetmatics REVEAL vehicles:

  1. Go to the Vehicle List from the Admin page in REVEAL
  2. Edit any vehicles you wish to assign to Fleetio vehicles by setting the Vehicle Number field in the vehicle profile
  3. Save all changes

View the Vehicle Management article in Fleetmatics Help Center

TIP: If you have a large set of vehicles to update, you can contact REVEAL Customer Care team to request a mass update to be made to your account using a CSV template.

Editing Vehicle Numbers in REVEAL

Once set, please do not edit Vehicle Numbers in REVEAL if at all possible. Those numbers are the only identifier Fleetio can use to synchronize data from REVEAL. If you make changes to Vehicle Number values in REVEAL, it will likely break the Fleetio integration for those vehicles.

Fleetio has a couple of mitigation strategies to try to help customers if they do edit a Vehicle Number and unknowingly break the integration:

  1. An email is sent to the Fleetio Account Owner whenever a vehicle API request fails because the vehicle is not found in REVEAL. This happens when a Vehicle Number no longer exists in REVEAL(could have been deleted or the vehicle number could have changed).
  2. A daily check of the vehicle's attributes is made, and if found to be sufficiently different (and so potentially a switch in the Vehicle Number of two mapped vehicles), an email is sent to the Fleetio Account Owner.

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