Fleetio Go Release Notes



  • This a massive update for trip tracking support.
  • Trip Start and end should be more timely
  • Trip Tracking will stay active until it is disabled rather then having to continually check to make sure it's still on.
  • Trip Tracking status is now remembered when a user logs in and out.
  • Trips right after an update will now be tracked without having to reopen the app.
  • Fix bugs that caused the app to freeze when signing your signature after an inspection.
  • Fixed a bug where a user couldn't comment on certain records.
  • Fixed a bug where some users didn't have access to vehicles after an update.


  • If you are a Manage and Drive user you can choose a vehicle that you're driving. Any trips tracked while that vehicle is selected will be linked to that vehicle.
  • Updated Service Entries and Work Orders to use Started at and Completed at fields.

Travel Mode (Beta) no will automatically detect if the user is a driver or a passenger but instead default all trips to Driver. Users can still change to passenger on the app.


Users with the proper permissions can now update odometers and vehicle status on Fleetio Go.



  • Tapping the trip end notification should take you into the Fleetio Go app with details of that trip. Note: the trip might appear as processing depending on how quickly you view that trip after seeing the notification.


  • Now when you disable trip tracking while currently tracking a trip, we will end the current trip you are on and ask if you'd like to discard or save the current trip. Canceling will leave trip tracking enabled.
  • We've add the ability to turn on a flashlight while scanning a barcode. This will make it easier to scan those codes at night.

NOTE: Minimum Operating System for Android have been increased to v5.0 (Lolipop). Customers that don't meet this minimum won't be able to update to future versions of Fleetio Go.



  • [Fleetio Drive] View saved places for trips


  • [Fleetio Drive] Bug fixes and improvements for automatic trip detection



  • [Fleetio Drive] Real-time GPS tracking for Android devices is here! 
  • [Fleetio Drive] Mileage is now rounded to the nearest whole mi/km in trip end notifications 
  • [Fleetio Drive] Fixed push notification formatting on Android devices
  • [Fleetio Drive] Bug fixes and improvements for trip detection on Android devices


* [Fleetio Drive] Real-time GPS Tracking for Android devices is here!


    • Regular Users with the Update Vehicle Status permission can now update status from vehicle profile
    • Fixed display of Ownership field on vehicle profile
    • Fuel metrics for Cost/Hr now appear for hour-meter vehicles
    • Comment pages now scroll past the first 25
    • Fixed comment sorting to reverse-chronological
    • Fixed the occasional spinning white screen at login
    • [Fleetio Drive] Map on dashboard now shows destination of most recent trip
    • [Fleetio Drive] Trip Tracking now remains disabled after force-closing and reopening app


    • Fixed the filename display for documents
    • [Fleetio Drive] Dashboard automatically refreshes after trip-end
    • [Fleetio Drive] Tweaks to Travel Mode UI
    • [Fleetio Drive] Enhanced trip-start and trip-end notifications


    • Ability to update a vehicle's Status or Group by clicking on the values atop its profile
    • [Fleetio Drive] Ability to update the Travel Mode for each trip in the UI
    • [Fleetio Drive] Push Notification for trip score after a completed trip
    • Restored Total Cost field for Service Entries


    • Fixed the signature field on inspection submissions
    • [Fleetio Drive] Fixed "Enable/Disable Trip Tracking" button synchronization
    • [Fleetio Drive] Fixed real-time tracking data synchronization


    • Bug fixes


    • Support for the new roles & permissions structure


    • Error message for failed inspection submissions
    • Fixed charts on driver dashboard when no data is present
    • Switching between Fleetio Drive accounts no longer re-enables Trip Detection


    • View Open Issues and Vehicle Renewal Reminders in the heads-up alerts on a Vehicle's profile
    • Ability to add/update user profile photo and email from settings
    • Several tweaks to reduce Fleetio Go data usage
    • Added icon for Android notifications
    • Improved error messaging for actions restricted by a user's permissions
    • [Fleetio Drive] Fixed bug that broke Trip Tracking after restarting an Android device
    • [Fleetio Drive] Improved Recent Mobile Device detection for drivers


    • Assign/Unassign vehicles
    • Create/View Comments on Issues, service, fuel, and more
    • Assignment History page on vehicle profile
    • Ability to edit User Profile
    • Added “Meter Entry” to quick-add menu
    • Fixed timestamp bug on Meter History index
    • [Fleetio Drive] Fixed Cancel button when disabling Trip Tracking


    • Small bug fixes


    • Ability to add an inspection photo from your photo library
    • View/Edit Custom Fields on all related records
    • View/Edit Labels on Issues
    • Reference fields on Fuel Entries and Service Entries
    • [Fleetio Drive] Push notification when Trip is scored
    • Ability to enter dates up to year 2100 in all date fields
    • [Fleetio Drive] Speed details visible in Excessive Speeding marker
    • [Fleetio Drive] Improved “Currently Tracking” panel on driver dashboard


    • [Fleetio Drive]: Push notification when a Driver force-closes the app
    • [Fleetio Drive] Improved trip-tracking reliability and performance
    • [Fleetio Drive] Small formatting improvements on Trip details view
    • Bug fixes for switching between different accounts


    • Updated user login logic to accommodate Google OAuth 2.0


    • Adjustable user setting for fuel economy units
    • Ability to add photos to Service Entries
    • Ability to Update Password in user settings menu
    • [Fleetio Drive] Admins with proper permission can delete trips
    • A vehicle's meter type now determines the units of its fuel metrics
    • Bug fixes for authentication and account selection screens


    • Fleetio Drive: View trip distances in miles or kilometers
    • Update time zone and distance units in Settings
    • New logo and feature graphic
    • Fixed rotation of uploaded images
    • Minor text changes


    • Fleetio Drive: Driver leaderboard with time-frame filters
    • Fleetio Drive: See current rank in the driver scorecard on the dashboard
    • Fleetio Drive: See when trips are “In-Progress” and “Processing”
    • Fixed freezing issue when tapping currently-selected menu item
    • Minor text changes


    • [Fleetio Drive] Device details and app version are now captured and logged for each trip. Details can be viewed in the web app.


    • Fixed bug that was prevented Custom Fields from appearing on Add Vehicle form
    • Fixed bug that prevented inspection submission when 2 resolved Issues existed for the same item
    • Removed the placeholder text for meter entries and added the current meter value as a hint instead


    • Fixed a bug where custom field values were sometimes cleared when a new meter entry was added.
    • Improved the first time experience of using Fleetio Drive. Now it's much easier to get start when you first log into the app.
    • Removed the Recommendations section on the Driver Dashboard. We're going to rethink this feature and add it back later.
    • Removed all Fleetio Drive features when user is not marked as a "Driver".


    • Improved the user flow of enabling location tracking and push notifications making it more stable for new Fleetio Drive users
    • Fixed the version numbering in the side menu so it always stays up to date
    • Improved error handling when trip detection encounters and error in the background


    • See details about open Issues while completing an inspection
    • Confirm/Reject the resolution of a previous Issue from vehicle profile or on next inspection
    • Extra details on each inspection History card
    • Issue resolution notes show on individual inspection submission
    • Ability to click Inspection images and open full view
    • Add more than one signature during inspection
    • Bug fix: sorting on Meter History index
    • Bug fix: popup asking to resubmit submitted inspection


    • [Fleetio Drive] New Driver Dashboard. See score for last 7 days and associated event counts, last trip and aggregate trip information on one screen. Also quickly review the current Drive Detection status.
    • [Fleetio Drive] Improved design for the Trips List and Trip Details screen for easier review and more detailed information.
    • [Fleetio Drive] Review each trip in a full screen window, allowing you to easily pinch and zoom. Tap an event marker on the map for more details about the event (speeding, phone usage, etc.)
    • [Fleetio Drive] You can now delete a Trip, which will remove it from the aggregate score as well.
    • [Fleetio Drive] You can now dismiss the "Currently Driving" screen. Once dismissed, an extra item about the current trip will appear on the Dashboard screen.
    • [Bug fix] Meter Entry update no longer gets stuck on "Updating" when you open the modal by clicking the vehicle's meter value


    • Edit and view Renewal Reminders on a vehicle’s profile
    • Update the status of a Work Order
    • View and edit Linked Vehicle’s on a vehicle’s profile
    • Map view for Fuel Entries
    • Interactive trip maps for Fleetio Drive
    • Removed the limit of 5 Service Tasks on a Service Entry
    • Restored local notification support on iOS10
    • Fixed issue with the empty Version details on the left menu
    • Resolved the sorting on the Meter History list
    • The barcode and quick-add buttons are now larger on tablets
    • Fleetio Drive: fixed mismatched event labels
    • Minor text fixes

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