Vehicle Assignment Overview

Fleetio allows you to assign a Vehicle to an Operator so that you know who is currently responsible for a Vehicle.

Vehicles not assigned to an Operator are labeled as Unassigned and could be considered Available.

PERMISSIONS: All Account Owners and Administrators can fully manage Vehicle Assignments on your account, but Regular Users must be given the Manage Vehicle Assignments permissions in the Vehicle module of their Role.

Learn more in the Manage Permissions Reference and User Roles & Permissions articles.

Classify Contacts as Operators

In order to be available as an Assignee for Vehicle Assignments, a Contact must be classified as an Operator.

Classification can be designated in the Basic Information section of the Contact Profile.

Bulk Manage Contact Classification

If you need to change the Operator classification from multiple Contacts, bulk manage via the Contact List.  

Go to Contacts & Users > Contact List in the left sidebar menu.  Check the boxes to select the Contacts in question, then click the Manage Classifications drop-down button to choose Add or Remove.

Single Assignee Limitation

A Vehicle may be assigned to only one Operator at a time. There is validation to ensure Assignments don't overlap.

TIP: Assignments include both a Start Date/Time and End Date/Time, so you can designate multiple assignments on the same day - a great way to schedule vehicles!

How to Assign a Vehicle

1. Vehicle List

Navigate to Vehicles > Vehicle List via the left sidebar menu.  Click the More Actions menu and Assign to Operator:

Or, hover over the  Unassigned indicator to display the Assign link:

2. Vehicle Profile

From the Vehicle Profile, click Assignment History and + Add Assignment, or hover over the Unassigned indicator as shown:

3. Vehicle Assignments Scheduler

The Vehicle Assignments Scheduler allows you to schedule Assignments based on Vehicle or Operator in an easy calendar view. You can easily Add, Edit, and Delete Assignments, and display a summary of all Assignments by Day, Week and Year.

Navigate to Vehicles > Vehicle Assignments in the left sidebar menu to access the Scheduler.

TIP: Learn more in the Vehicle Assignments Scheduler article.

Assignment Details

Using one of the methods above to Add Assignment, record the details as follows:

1. Start by choosing the Operator from the drop-down list of Contacts. You may also opt to send email notification here.

2. Identify the Start Date/Time and End Date/Time, as well as the Starting and Ending Meter Readings. These values are optional, as the Assignment may be a past, current, or future event.

NOTE: Only one Assignment can have a blank Start Date/Time or a blank End Date/Time per Vehicle. Fleetio considers this "since the beginning of time" or "until forever" for validation purposes.

TIP: Enter both a Starting Odometer and Ending Odometer value to see the total distance traveled for this Assignment.

3. Enter any Custom Field data, or add Comments about the Assignment.

Custom Fields allow you to optionally track additional details beyond the pre-defined program fields for each Vehicle Assignment, and to label these and apply a data type (e.g. text, drop-down, etc.) as you wish.

TIP: Learn more in the Custom Fields article.

Comments allow you to make notes or enter information which doesn't fit into pre-defined or custom fields.

When you are done, click Save Assignment.

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