Merge Contacts

In the event of duplicate Contact records you can easily Merge Contacts.

Navigate to Contacts & Users > Contact List then click the More Actions drop-down menu at the end of the row, and choose Merge.

You will be prompted to select the Destination Contact, which is the Contact you would like to merge into.

Once you click Merge the process is complete. All Contact details, comments, documents, reminders, issues and work orders will be merged into the selected Destination Contact.

IMPORTANT: If both Contacts contain a value for the same field, the value for the Destination Contact will be retained.

Once the Merge is complete, the original Contact will be Archived.

TIP: Learn more in the  Archive, Restore or Delete Contacts article.

Bulk Merge Contacts

From the Actions drop-down menu on the Contact List, you can select Find Duplicates. Fleetio finds likely duplicates by searching for matching Email and/or Name fields.

On the Find Duplicate Contacts results screen, click the drop-down button to view Contacts which match by Name and Email, Name Only, or Email Only.

Review the list. If you identify any you mistaken matches, change the Name or Email of one of these Contacts so that they will be removed from the match results.

When you are ready to proceed, click Merge Duplicates.

NOTE: If there are duplicates in your Account that cannot be identified as duplicates by Name or Email, you must use the individual Merge feature to resolve these. If there are two Contacts with matching Names that have separate user logins, they will not appear as duplicates.

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