Custom Fields

Do you have extra information you want to track in Fleetio? Custom Fields give you a place to save this data and also report on it.

Managing Custom Fields

PERMISSION: Only Account Owners and Admins with the "Manage Account Settings" permissions can define Custom Fields.

To add, edit or delete a Custom Field select Custom Fields from your Account Settings area. You can also view/Edit Custom Fields on all related records

To create a new Custom Field, select the Add Custom Field button at the top right and complete the form.

Record Type

What record type is the custom field for? Options include:

  • Vehicle
  • Contact
  • Vendor
  • Service Entry
  • Fuel Entry
  • Work Order
  • Part
  • Vehicle Renewal Reminder
  • Purchase Detail (stored under Purchase Details area for a vehicle)
  • Issues

Data Type

What type of data should this field support? Options include:

  • Text - A simple text field that allows the user to input any value freely
  • Checkbox - Allows users the option to check a box as opposed to entering a value
  • Date - Allows users to store dates in a properly formatted field
  • Drop-down - Allows you to specify a list of values, limiting what users can input into the field. The values are rendered as a standard drop-down. 


Only available when selecting the "Drop-down" data type. This field allows you to input the values that will be presented to users as options in the drop-down. Enter each value on its own line as in the example below.

TIP: Drop-down Custom Fields are great for data integrity. You simply setup all the possible options and users will only be able to choose from those options.


Name/Title of the Custom Field. Must be unique (you can't have two Custom Fields with the same name and record type).


(optional) Additional details about the Custom Field. This will typically appear as a popover when hovering the field's label.

NOTE: Custom Fields can be edited or deleted from the Actions menu for each field on the Custom Fields list

Viewing Custom Fields

Custom Fields appear on the profile screen for a Vehicle, Contact, or Vendor, or on the form for other areas such as Parts, Fuel Entries, Work Orders, Vehicle Renewal Reminders and Service Entries.

Sorting Custom Fields

After you've created your Custom Fields, you can sort their order of appearance on their assigned module by choosing a "Record Type" from the drop-down field and then dragging the Custom Fields into the desired order. The Custom Fields will then appear in that order on their respective Fleetio module. 

Reporting and Filtering 

Custom Fields will appear in report exports that match the record type specified for the field. For example, Custom Fields with the "Service Entry" record type will appear on the "Service Entries by Vehicle" report export.

Custom Fields also serve as a filtering option on various pages and reports in Fleetio. Click the blue Filters button on each page to utilize these custom fields for your reporting and filtering needs.

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