How Fuel Entry Distance is Calculated

Fleetio uses the odometer or hour meter values to calculate the distance or elapsed usage between two Fuel Entries.


Let's say you fuel up a vehicle on December 1st. The odometer at the time is 21,345 miles. You record the odometer and other details in Fleetio and go on about your day.

A week later on December 8th, you fill up again. This time the odometer is 21,589 miles. When you record the Fuel Entry in Fleetio this distance is calculated to be 244 miles by subtracting the two mileages: 21,589 - 21,345 = 244

Accounting for missed Fuel Entries

Sometimes you may forget to enter a fuel transaction in Fleetio, and you don't have any record of the transaction details.

As in the example above, Fleetio will attempt to calculate distance/usage by subtracting consecutive Fuel Entry odometer values. However, if you miss entering a Fuel Entry, the calculated value will be wrong. This is an example where the "Reset usage" flag would be used on a Fuel Entry.

Reset example

Let's say 3 fuel transactions happened with following date/odometer values:

  1. May 1 -- 34,789 miles
  2. May 7 -- 35,000 miles
  3. May 10 -- 35,225 miles

Now let's say you enter #1 and #3 into Fleetio, but you forgot to enter #2 and you no longer have the details of the transaction (gallons, price/gallon, etc).

Fleetio will naturally calculate the distance for #3 as 436 miles (35,225 - 34,789). However, that is incorrect because a fuel-up occurred between #1 and #3 that Fleetio doesn't know about.

If you edit the Fuel Entry for #3 and turn the "Reset Usage" flag to "ON", Fleetio will skip calculating the distance for #3, and start calculating the distance again on the next Fuel Entry.

This way, all your fuel statistics remain accurate. Awesome!

Void example

Another scenario could occur where you have the fuel information but do not have the exact meter value for when the fuel up took place. Fleetio requires an odometer reading when entering fuel entries, however we don't want to force a user to enter bad data. For this scenario, enter a meter value that's close to what you think it would've been. Then, mark the meter as "void". Fleetio will skip calculating the distance for the voided entry, and distance will start being calculated again once two consecutive fuel entries have been entered.

TIP: See our Fuel Calculations Overview for more details on how fuel entries are used to calculate fuel metrics.

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