Adding More Information to Fleetio

Congratulations! You've invited users to Fleetio, added vehicles, and configured your system preferences, and now it's time to make Fleetio even more useful by adding some additional historical information. This'll give you a clearer, more complete picture of what's happening with your fleet.

Uploading Documents & Photos

You can add electronic files to multiple areas of Fleetio (Vehicles, Service Entries, Contacts, Issues, and Work Orders). It's a great way to ensure that they are backed up and available anywhere (including Fleetio Go!). Check out our  Uploading Documents and Photos article for more information and uploading instructions. 

Adding Fuel Entries

Recording all of your fuel transactions to Fleetio is important if you want to maximize many of Fleetio's powerful features. Use the Fuel Entries Import Guide to load in historical fuel information and odometer information to immediately be able to use Fleetio's fuel calculations and reports.  

Be sure to read up on our  Fuel Card Integrations as well; it's a completely automated way to bring your fuel purchases into Fleetio on a regular basis. 

Adding Service Entries and Creating Service Reminders

Adding the last service done on each vehicle, the date, and the odometer reading at the time of service, is a great way to get a jump start on  Service Reminders. Fleetio can use this information to help you automatically stay on top of preventative maintenance tasks. An easy way to do this is to use the Service Entries Import Guide to load this data in bulk. 

Fleetio makes it easy to add the same Service Reminder to multiple vehicles at once, using the  Add Multiple Service Reminders option on the Service Reminders list. You can also use the Service Reminders Import Guide to add all of your Service Reminders to Fleetio at once. 

Adding Vendors

Fleetio has made it easy to track Vendors - the entities that services your vehicles, sells or loans vehicles, provides fuel, and much more. You can add each Vendor to Fleetio individually, or use the Vendor Import Guide to add all of your Vendors at once. 

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