Set Up Integrations

Automate your data entry by integrating Fleetio with your fuel cards, telematics systems, and other 3rd party applications. Never forget to enter a fuel transaction, odometer reading, or other important data again!

Fuel Card Integrations

With  Fleetio's fuel card integrations, you can automatically download fuel transactions and receive alerts for invalid odometer readings. It only takes a few quick steps to map your fuel cards to your vehicles in Fleetio to start syncing your data on a regular basis. 

Fleetio currently integrates with  FleetCorWEX, and Comdata

If your integration has already been set up,  follow these instructions to start mapping your cards to vehicles in order for Fleetio to start importing transactions for those cards.  

GPS Integrations

Fleetio integrates with several GPS & telematics providers to sync odometer readings, import and manage DTC alerts, and see a vehicle's current location. 

Curious who Fleetio's GPS partners are? You can read more about them  here.

Already have a GPS system and you're ready to set up an integration? Select your provider to get integration instructions:

API Keys

Want to build your own integrations to leverage Fleetio's data in your systems and applications? With Fleetio's API, you can do that! 

For example, you may want to update meter readings from another system, import DTC codes from your telematics system, update fuel transactions, or push maintenance costs into your accounting system. 

The first step to do any of these things, is to  generate an API key in Fleetio. An API Key essentially serves as the username and password for the external party accessing your Fleetio data. If you and your team are ready to build your own integration, visit for Fleetio API resources and documentation.

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