Integrations Overview

Automate your data entry by integrating Fleetio with your fuel cards, telematics systems, and other third-party applications. Save time and effort, and never forget to enter a fuel transaction, odometer reading or other important data again!

Fuel Card Integrations

With Fuel Card Integrations, you can automatically download fuel transactions and receive alerts for invalid odometer readings.

Fleetio currently integrates with FleetCor, WEX, and Comdata.

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GPS Integrations

Fleetio integrates with several GPS and Telematics providers to sync odometer readings, import and manage Faults / Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) alerts, and see a vehicle's current location.

Integration setup options include Native Integrations (those which are built in to Fleetio), and API Integrations (which you may establish yourself).

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API Integrations

Fleetio's API enables you to build your own integrations in order to leverage Fleetio's data in third-party systems and applications.

For example, you may want to update meter readings from another system, report Faults / Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) from your telematics system, import fuel transactions, or push maintenance costs into your accounting system.

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Integration Links

Fleetio Manage Advanced Plan customers may establish Integration Links. These are links to external websites which appear on the Vehicle Profile or Contact Profile pages for easy navigation to third-party systems and sites.

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Fleetio offers Webhooks as a way for you to push "Events" to third-party software such as spreadsheets, email, text messaging apps, accounting systems, and much more.

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