Fuel Entry Overview

A Fuel Entry represents a fuel transaction in Fleetio. Anytime you enter fuel in a vehicle, you can enter a new Fuel entry record. Fuel entries can also be  imported or automatically created through our fuel card integration.

TIP:You can learn more about Fuel Entries viewing our training video: [Manage] Fuel Management

Benefits of Fuel Entries

Submitting fuel entries in Fleetio is a critical step to ensuring you're maximizing many of the powerful features of the system. Fuel entry data is the driving force behind many key components of Fleetio. Below are just a few of the areas impacted by this information:

  • Updated odometer readings provide up to date meter information that triggers Service Reminders and notifications to be sent from the system
  • Entering consecutive fuel entries provides the data necessary to calculate the following fuel metrics:
    • Distance traveled between fuel-ups (or elapsed hours for equipment)
    • Fuel economy metrics:
      • Miles per Gallon (MPG) (both US and imperial gallons are supported)
      • Liters per 100 Kilometers (L/100km)
      • Kilometers per Liter (km/L)
    • Cost per Mile/Kilometer/Hour
    • Total Fuel Costs
    • Total Gallons/Liters
    • Cost per Gallon/Liter

Creating a Fuel Entry

Users can manually add or import a Fuel Entry through the Fleetio web application, on-the-go through the Fleetio Fuel app, or have the entries automatically uploaded via our fuel card integration.

NOTE: Required fields for a fuel entry are denoted with an asterisk (*)

*Date: The date and time of the fuel transaction

*Odometer or Hour Meter: The meter value at the time of the fuel-up

*Gallons or Liters: The volume of fuel that was pumped; Supports up to three decimal places

Price per Gallon/Liter: The cost per volume unit when the fuel-up occurred

IMPORTANT: If you do not provide the Price per Gallon/Liter the total cost cannot be determined and therefore the cost per mile/km/hr cannot be calculated as well.

Fuel Type/Grade: Type of fuel used for fuel-up; List populated from Fuel Types setup under Settings; Fuel type assigned to vehicle will pre-populate 

Vendor: Fueling location for fuel entry; List populated from current Vendor list to include those records with Fuel Classification.

TIP: Learn more in the Vendor Classification article.

Reference: Optional data field for collecting information such as the invoice number, transaction id, or receipt number

Partial Fuel-up: Turn this "ON" if you did not fill the tank all the way to "full" (See Partial Fuel Entries for more information)

NOTE: "Partial" just means you didn't fill up the tank to "full". If you have 1/4 tank and you fill up to "full", you would NOT select this option. If you have 1/4 tank and you only put a few gallons in but don't fill up all the way, you WOULD select this option.

Custom Fields: Additional fields can be added to the Fuel Entry page using the Custom Fields feature

Fuel Entry Calculations

Fleetio supports various metric units for fuel entry calculations therefore the onscreen display will be determined by the configuration of the vehicle. In order for calculations to be processed, two consecutive fuel entries must be submitted. More information can be found in our Fuel Entries Calculations article.

Correcting Fuel Entries

If you notice a discrepancy in the calculations, you can edit the entry or void the entry. Learn more in our  Fuel Entries Calculations and Recalculate Fuel Entries articles.

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