Removing Drivers from Fleetio Drive

Occasionally, the drivers you choose to track in Fleetio will change. A driver may leave the company or change roles from within the company, requiring you to change their driver status. For most Fleetio users, the number of active drivers on your account will dictate how much you pay each month so it's important to manage active drivers accordingly.

NOTE: If you would like to add a brand new driver to your account and track their trips, visit: How to add drivers to Fleetio for Trip Tracking.

Removing the driver designation

If you no longer want to track trips and driving behavior for a specific Driver, you simply need to remove them as a Driver. Fleetio will prorate the deactivated Driver based on the amount of time they were active for that billing cycle. You will see a credit for the difference on your next bill.

To deactivate a driver in Fleetio, begin by navigating to the Contacts and Users section of your account.

From the Users list, choose the "More Options" icon on the right of a User's row. 

Click  "Remove as Driver" to deactivate their status as Driver.

The selected Driver will no longer be able to track their trips and you will not be billed for them in your Fleetio Drive subscription. The User will still be able to login to the Fleetio web app to view their trip history but new trips will not be tracked moving forward.

Removing Users from your account

In the event that you would like to remove (delete) a User from your account completely, visit  Remove a User from Your Fleetio Account.

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