Turning Drive Detection ON and OFF

Fleetio only tracks your trips when the Drive Detection setting is turned ON. 

To enable or disable Drive Detection,  open your Fleetio Go mobile app.

If you're not looking at your Driver Dashboard, which looks like this:

Tap the  menu icon in the upper left corner, then tap Dashboard.

At the top of the screen, you'll see your Drive Detection status.  Tap the button to enable or disable Drive Detection depending on your preference.

Disabling Trip Detection While Driving

When a trip is being tracked, Fleetio Go displays real-time information about the trip. The Dashboard will display that information like this.

NOTE: Fleetio Drive will automatically end a trip after 10 minutes of no vehicle movement

Manually Ending a Trip

Disabling trip detection, tapping the "Disable Drive Detection" button, while a trip is in progress will prompt you to choose to either keep or discard the current trip. Discarding the trip will end it at that moment and delete the trip from your records entirely. Choosing the "Keep" option will continue the current trip like normal but will disable trip tracking so no other trips can be started.

If you Discard the Trip, you will receive a message letting you know it was successfully discarded.  If you Keep the Current Trip, your trip will be saved.

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