User Settings, Preferences & Password

You can customize your User profile, settings and preferences to enhance your Fleetio experience.

To access the settings, click on the dropdown menu with your name in the top right corner:

Edit Login


Specify your first and last name - this will appear throughout Fleetio.


Your email address where you will receive email notifications from Fleetio (such as Service Reminder emails). You can use your email address (and password) to log in.


An alternate name to use for logging in. This cannot contain any spaces and defaults to your email address.

TIP: You can log in to Fleetio using your email OR username. Up to you!


Your avatar to appear throughout Fleetio, particularly on parts of the system where you make comments.

Subscribe to Fleetio emails

We send the most amazing monthly newsletters ever. Trust us, you want to check this box ;)

Time zone

Choose your time zone and Fleetio will display all times in local time - even times in records created by other users!

Setting your time zone also lets Fleetio know how to store the data in the database, so the time zone information will be correct for other Users on your Account.

Update Password

You know the drill - enter your current password, then a new one twice to confirm. Easy breezy.

The next time you log in, you'll use the new password.

API Keys

See our API Keys article for more information on integrating with the Fleetio API.

User Settings

Fuel Economy Unit

Select how you want to view fuel economy values throughout Fleetio.

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