Vehicle Renewal Types

PERMISSIONS: Only Account Owners and Administrators have access to manage Vehicle Renewal Types. Learn more in the User Types article.

Vehicle Renewal Types allow you to customize the various renewals activities for your fleet Vehicles. These Types can be selected when creating  Vehicle Renewal Reminders in Fleetio, and then used for sorting, filtering, and reporting.

Fleetio includes pre-defined Vehicle Renewal Types to include Emission Test, Inspection, Insurance and Registration. You have the option to Edit or Delete these Types, as well as Add your own custom Types.

Manage Vehicle Renewal Types

Navigate to Settings > Reminders > Vehicle Renewal Types via the left sidebar menu, or click your Company drop-down menu and select Account Settings:

Click the + Add Vehicle Renewal Type button in the top right corner to Add new (1), or click the More Actions drop-down menu to Edit or Delete an existing Type (2). The link in the Usage column (3) will display Vehicle Renewal Reminders for this Type.

Filter and Report by Vehicle Renewal Type

The Vehicle Renewal Reminder List and Report include easy Filter options so that you can narrow results displayed by Type.

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